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Daryl Stratton – Attorney Auto for Insurance Claim

Appealing an Attorney for Auto Insurance Claim companies was not a painful experience for Mark Vogtland, As his insurance company in the case of the motorcycle accident he was in May, he found him 100% at fault.

In an auto accident in May 2017 Mark Vogtland’s motorcycle collided with another vehicle in Willmar. The accident occurred in Willmar’s Auto Bridge parking lot.

At the time of the accident, Vogtland believed he was at fault and said that he should have paid more attention. Mark suffered multiple injuries to his face and neck.

After more than seven months of delay Vogtland, through his attorney, Kenneth Patil, filed a lawsuit against the owner of the BMW. The driver’s claim for damages for the damages that occurred to his BMW X5 by the “speeding motorist.”

The case began in Morgan County Circuit Court in late December. However, when the defendant filed a motion for summary judgment, the lawsuit was changed to appeal.

A summary judgment is where an insurance company determines that it was not at fault

Attorney for Auto Insurance Claim companies for the driver of the BMW contends that Vogtland’s attorney, Daryl Stratton, provided him with an inaccurate estimate of his insurance coverage.

Vogtland said that the damage to his BMW was repaired, at a cost of more than $3,500.

In his filing, Stratton claimed that he was unaware of the lawsuit until more than seven months after the accident. The filing claims that Stratton sought to claim on Vogtland’s insurance policy.

The lawsuit also states that Stratton provided the first estimate to the motorist’s insurance company on January 5, 2017. Stratton’s second estimate to the motorist’s best auto insurance company was dated March 1.

No hearing has been held in the case at this time.

Ludovic says that he was unable to comment on the specifics of the case. He said that the company has been working through the process since the accident was reported in May 2017. Ludovic said that it was not a lengthy process, but due to all of the facts the insurance company was presented with there is no appeal at this time.

Brian Borgen, an attorney representing the BMW insurance company, said that they were not involved in the lawsuit. He said that Stratton was never given any claim before he began working on Vogtland’s case.

Borgen said that the insurance company presented Vogtland’s insurance agent with a claim for $3,395, for work that was already performed on the vehicle.

This was after Vogtland paid $97 to get his helmet replaced after the crash.

Borgen said that the auto owner insurance company was able to cover the repairs to the helmet through Vogtland’s insurance policy.

In the motion filed by Stratton’s attorney, Stratton claims that the insurance company made two recommendations to Vogtland that are below the minimum coverage required in Minnesota.

In his filing, Stratton states that the insurance company’s insurance policy allows it to approve up to a claim of $2,500. The insurance company’s recommendation for Vogtland to file for a claim to be $3,395.

Stratton says that it was Attorney for the Auto Insurance Claim companies company’s policy to request a legal opinion from its lawyers.

The insurance company’s lawyer reviewed the claim and approved it.

Stratton was provided with the document of the recommendation on May 15, 2017.

The document was forwarded to the insurance company’s legal counsel on May 25, 2017, who approved the filing for a claim to be filed. This was also after Vogtland’s attorney filed an insurance claim for $3,395 on June 7, 2017.

The state auto insurance did not admit that it was at fault in the case until Vogtland filed an appeal on July 26. Maine Public Radio attempted to speak with Stratton regarding this issue. He was not available for comment. The case could be heard in court in the next few weeks.

Vogtland said that he plans on appealing to have the case thrown out because he feels that he was at fault and that he was not properly advised on his insurance coverage.

Vogtland says that the insurance company was charged more than $3,000 for the claim. He said that the insurance company did not provide him with any insurance claim form. He was left to come up with the money on his own, which he did.

The Insurance Division was not available for comment

Since the accident Vogtland said that he has had an attorney for the case.

Vogtland said that he would be willing to pay for the insurance policy himself if the auto insurance claim would provide him with an estimate of his insurance coverage.

Vogtland says that it was an accident, but he feels that he was not given the proper information about his insurance policy.

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